Connect International provides its clients with a complete range of services. While placing an emphasis on a full "one stop shop" service, Connect International acts as a:

  • consultant - giving guidance and advice on entering, or doing better in, the Travel Retail market.
  • commercial agent - focusing on export opportunities in Travel Retail.

Our advantages are -

  • we offer blue chip international brand experience
  • you benefit from our extensive network of contacts in the Travel Retail industry

    Within the above categories, Connect International offers any combination of services, such as:

    • research (marketplace, products, etc.);
    • sales support;
    • marketing;
    • communications (packaging, promotions, media);
    • new product development;
    • participation in exhibitions;
    • advice on export organisation structure;

  • Where Connect International acts as an agent promoting a client's products and services, a monthly retainer together with commission (percentage of sales) is requested.
  • Where Connect International offers a consultancy service, a daily or hourly rate is requested.

A sample of Connect's Sales and Consultancy contract is available on request.


Connect International Ltd. 4 Roseacre, Kilgobbin Road, Sandyford, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Tel.: +353 1 294 0490

Fax: +353 1 294 0494