Connect International concentrates its efforts on licensed and strongly branded goods, and on branded food products. It currently acts, for example, as a commercial agent to develop the sales and distribution of Barbie toys and accessories (Mattel) and Disney/Winnie the Pooh products.

For the UK and Irish Travel Retail markets (from PRO Marketing and Sales in Switzerland)

  • Barbie accessories - a range of attractive accessories exclusive to the Travel Retail Market
  • Disney and Winnie the Pooh - a range of plush toys and accessories
  • Softtoys - elegant and unique plush toys from Sweden
  • Uniset sticker sets - the ideal travel toy

For the worldwide travel retail market

  • GUL sports watches
  • Quizmasters - electronic game including a World Cup Football 2002 and Children's quiz games
  • ARDs (Anti-radiation device) for mobile phones
  • SlimCam recorders
  • Holiday 'message' cameras

Travel Retail Market

The Travel Retail marketplace has in recent years evolved from what was traditionally known as Duty and Tax Free. This market has undergone a significant and rapid change since the abolition of intra-EU duty free in 1999, and was worth around $20 billion in 2000. Being strongly linked to tourism the market comprised almost 700 million travellers during 2000, with the number of consumers expected to dramatically increase over the coming years.

Europe accounts for over 40% of worldwide sales.

Although the market has traditionally been dominated by alcohol, tobacco and fragrances/ cosmetics, retailers are actively looking to revitalise their product ranges, and manufacturers from other product categories are now being attracted to this lucrative and prestigious marketplace,

The market operates worldwide, and is split into two distinct, sub-markets - Duty Free and Duty Paid.

The former term includes, for example, shops located on the 'travel' side of Passport Control at airports and ports, and on-board airlines, ferries and cruise ships (outside the EU)

The latter term includes, for example, all shops located on the 'domestic' side of Passport Control at airports and ports, and relating to inside the EU, on-board airlines and ferries, and shops located on the 'travel' side of Passport Control at airports and ports.

The Travel Retail market does not include domestic travel-related locations e.g. train stations.



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